15 years of Lost Compadres – a perfect occasion for a new album and a brief look into the rear view mirror – what do we see?

Great friendship, little hardship and in some ways just a ship going up and down the waves of rock and roll adventure. We’ve seen a lot of faces in a lot of places – and had ourselves a real good time, most of the time.

We got older, went through some musical changes, but remained “the gang” and still are these LOST COMPADRES and hopefully for years to come, we’ll remain in good shape, good spirits and be able to give y’all a helluva good time.

Enjoy “15” – the album, hit your hammock with a cold one and take it easy, Compadre!

Love, Peace & Happiness


By the way, you can buy this brand new CD at our concerts or at iTunes and Google Store. It’s also available on Spotify.